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Overview of CCCWA Child Welfare Program

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CCCWA has been committed to developing its functions in the field of child welfare while making efforts in helping orphans and disabled children find permanent homes. In 2004, entrusted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CCCWA began to carry out a series of special welfare programs for children, such as the Tomorrow Plan (program for the operation and rehabilitation of disabled orphans), domestic adoption and child care etc. We have formed a set of mature model for operation, making significant contribution to improving the rehabilitation, basic life and education of orphaned and disabled children, strengthening the construction of the work force in welfare institutions, standardizing and improving the adoption work in China. In January 2011, CCCWA, which used to be called "China Center of Adoption Affairs", was renamed. With more mandates in child welfare, we will provide a new platform for further development of China's child welfare.

At present, we have made fruitful achievements in all aspects of child welfare: with a view to meet the demands of children, we have offered trainings in child upbringing and nursing, nutrition and health care, rehabilitation of cerebral palsy, special education, psychological health consultation to welfare institutions and established occupational skill training system of “caregivers for the orphaned and disabled children ”, leading to stronger service functions of welfare institutions. We have also established the long-term mechanism of "tomorrow plan", improved the treatment network of designated hospitals, made more efforts in screening, treatment and surgeries of children with rare and severe diseases and promoted the construction of standard demonstration base for training on cerebral palsy rehabilitation. Besides, we have also been cooperating with Changsha Social Work College in carrying out the

"Higher Education Supporting Program for Orphaned and Disabled children". With our support through forms of independent enrollment, early admission and tuition funding, the orphans and disabled children from welfare agencies can go to college where they can improve their educational level and self-reliance. Also we have launched the program of the National Child Welfare Information Management System, which provides not only an effective technical support for real-time management and dynamic monitoring of the distribution of children’s basic living allowance but also an accurate and scientific analysis on data for the policy making in child welfare and evaluation of their social benefits. Furthermore, we have made in-depth investigation and analysis on the status quo of adoption in China and relevant measures and established the long-term mechanism for legal placement of abandoned infants, and we have taken the lead in introducing the idea of "baby hatch", helping set up the first "baby hatch" in Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Institution. In July 2013, the General Office from the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a paper on the "Baby Hatch" Pilot Scheme proposed by CCCWA, and then the pilot work gradually spread nationwide. We also promote the social service quality in children welfare institutions by introducing social work into the institutions and selected 30 children welfare institutions as pilot bases for social work and granted funds for their construction.

Meanwhile, in order to attract and integrate more extensive resources and accelerate the development China’s child welfare, CCCWA makes full use of its advantage in broad oversea cooperation under the support of foreign adoption agencies experienced in charity work. We have built platforms through advanced training, program cooperation, exchanges and visits, etc. to conduct active international exchanges and cooperation in special education, care giving, rehabilitation and fostering of orphaned and disabled children so as to learn the advanced concepts and experience in the development of child welfare work from developed countries. In recent years, we have cooperated with many corporations or organizations, such as adoption agencies from the USA, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark etc., Half-the-Sky Foundation, Love Without Boundaries Foundation, Belgian Handicap International, Joint Council on International Children's Services, J. P. Morgan Foundation, Mead Johnson and Heinz Co. Ltd, instilling new vitality into the development of China's child welfare affairs.

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