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The National "Rainbow Bridge" Program for child welfare agencies
The CCCWA has cooperated with Half the Sky Foundation (taken over by Chunhui Philanthropic Foundation later) in the training program training of caregivers for orphaned and disabled children in child welfare agencies of China. The funds have been donated by the JP Morgan Chase Bank, with an expected investment of $7 million. Since the cooperation program started in 2011, it has provided basic training for 1300 people, and supplemental training for 1000 people. The number of cooperation units has increased to 16. In 2013, the investment amounted to 1 million yuan.

"Fubon Treatment and Education Program for Developmentally-Delayed Children"---- A program of promoting development of special education teaching tools
CCCWA has cooperated with the China Song Qingling Foundation in carrying out the program of promoting the development of teaching tools for special education. The program mainly includes work such as establishing 14 experimental classes for special education in the welfare institutions across China, testing teaching materials, teacher training and revision and publication of textbooks. It has achieved positive fruits in promoting the combination of theories and practice of child special education in welfare agencies and in enhancing its educational level. In the future, we will make more efforts in promoting the fruits of the program, benefiting more development delayed children. The program has been funded by the Taiwan Fubon Group. With a planned total value of $3 million, it invested 73 thousand yuan in 2013.

The program of "Supplementary Materials for Caregivers of Orphaned & Disabled Children"
CCCWA has cooperated with the Belgium Handicap International Institution in the program of supplementary materials for caregivers of orphaned and disabled children. The program focuses on compiling supplementary materials and teacher's guidebooks and providing trainings for caregivers of orphaned and disabled children. Through this program, we have successfully completed the publication and popularization of Questions and Answers on Knowledge Concerning Rehabilitation and Nurture of Disabled Child, compiled and published Handbook on Training orphaned & Disabled Child Caregivers and Handbook on Rehabilitation & Upbringing Disabled Children and held 3 sessions of training for caregivers of orphaned and disabled children. A total of RMB 485500 yuan has been invested in the program

The Heinz Micronutrient Supplementation Program
Working with America Heinz Foundation, CCCWA has allocated Heinz micronutrients to children aged from 6 months old to 18 years old in welfare institutions. Since our first cooperation in 2012, America Heinz Foundation has donated Heinz micronutrient to about 50000 children from more than 600 welfare institutions in 19 provinces in China. With a planned total value of $2.25 million, it invested 447470 yuan in 2013. 

Sino-Italian cooperative program on child social work (A program to promote children's rights to have a home)
The program has been carried out by the CCCWA and the Italian Centre for Aid and Children (CIAI), with the purpose to conduct investigations on the social work in welfare institutions, offer targeted trainings, and improve force-building of social work staff and overall professional level of welfare institutions. Meanwhile, it makes assessment on children by providing guidance to social workers in welfare institutions, with a view to choose and determine the most suitable placement method for the children. With an expected total investment worthy of 75654 euros (equivalent to 611590 RMB), it invested 64159 euro (equivalent to 512940 yuan) in 2013.

Postoperative Rehabilitation and Nursing Program for Disabled orphans
In cooperation with CCCWA, Half the Sky Foundation set up the China care program in Beijing, providing nursing before and after operation for orphaned and disabled children who receive operations in Beijing funded by the "Tomorrow Plan". Since the signing of cooperation agreement on January 26, 2011, over two hundred children from nearly 100 welfare institutions in 16 provinces have enjoyed quality and thoughtful postoperative rehabilitation and nursing services after they had operations which is funded by the “Tomorrow Plan” during the two and a half years. In 2013, 139 disabled children has benefited from the program.

"Journey of Hope" Program for the Placement of Special Focus Children
"Journey of Hope" is a program developed by CCCWA to promote the placement of Special Focus children (severely-disabled and older children) in welfare institutions. It aims to find homes for these children as soon as possible, so that they can grow up healthy in a family environment. The major practice is to invite international adoption agencies to visit and interact with children in institutions in coordination with the provincial Civil Affairs Department, through methods of on-spot activities and exchanges with the children and teachers. Professionals from the adoption agencies will evaluate and screen the children based on aspects such as physical conditions, conditions of treatment and rehabilitation, living habits, personality and interests, basic skills and communication abilities, etc. so that more detailed profile will be collected about the children, with which adoption agencies will advocate and recommend suitable adoptive families for them. All of this will make full preparation for the children in need of special care find proper adoptive families.

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