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Registration Procedure for China Program Facilitators of Foreign Adoption Agencies

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Adoption agencies are required to make direct contacts with China Centre for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) in order to guarantee a sound development of inter-country adoption. If a China program facilitator is needed due to work demands, record filing is required at CCCWA.

I. Adoption agencies or China program facilitators delegated should submit the following documents to the Adopter's Eligibility Review Division of CCCWA:

(1) The original copy of the Power of Attorney issued by the adoption agency, which should include name of China program facilitator delegated, gender, date of birth, nationality, occupation, current employer, contact information, scope of responsibility, term of procuration, signature of the head of the adoption agency, and etc.

(2) A copy of the China program facilitator’s ID card.

(3) Three recent two-inch colorized photos of the China program facilitator.

(4) Registration form for China program facilitators of foreign adoption agencies (this form can be downloaded from CCCWA's website)

II. If, as reviewed, documents for filing are complete, China program facilitators are, after receiving notifications from the CCCWA, allowed to make contacts with concerned divisions at CCCWA on behalf of their adoption agencies within the scope of their responsibilities.

III. If adoption agencies intend to add another China program facilitator or have a replacement, the record filing procedure has to be repeated accordingly. When making the replacement, adoption agencies should indicate "the original China program facilitator XXX is no longer assigned to this job" in the Power of Attorney.

IV. In principle, the number of China program facilitators that adoption agencies delegate cannot exceed 2 .

V. Adoption agencies should select people who have laudable professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and easiness for contact to be their China program facilitators, and should provide good management and guidance for them so as to give full play to their role as facilitator.

China Centre for Children's Welfare and Adoption

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