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Government Departments and Adoption Agencies in the Receiving States

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Receiving States Adoption Agency/Government Departments Website
United States of America U.S. Department of State, Office of Children's Issues https://travel.state.gov/content/adoptionsabroad/en.html
United States of America A.A.C. Adoption and Family Network, Inc. http://www.aacadoption.com/
United States of America Adopt International http://www.adoptinter.org/
United States of America Adoption Associates http://www.adoptionassociates.net/
United States of America Adoptions Together http://www.adoptionstogether.org/
United States of America Agape Adoption dba Americans Adopting Orphans http://www.agapeaz.org/
United States of America All God's Children International, dba Families are Forever International http://allgodschildren.org/
United States of America American-World Adoption Association http://www.awaa.org/default.aspx
United States of America Bal Jagat Children's World, Inc http://www.baljagat.org/
United States of America Bay Area Adoption Services http://www.baas.org/index.php
United States of America Bethany Christian Services http://www.bethany.org/
United States of America Carolina Adoption Services, Inc. http://www.carolinaadoption.org/
United States of America CASI Foundation for Children, Inc. http://www.adoptcasi.org/public/
United States of America Children of the World, Inc. http://childrenoftheworld.com/
United States of America Children's Home Society of Minnesota http://www.chsfs.org/
United States of America Children's Hope International http://www.childrenshopeint.org/
United States of America Children's House International http://childrenshouseinternational.com/
United States of America China Adoption with Love http://www.cawli.org/
United States of America Chinese Children Adoption International http://www.ccaifamily.org/
United States of America Chrysalis House http://www.chrysalishouse.com/
United States of America Cradle of HopeAdoptionCenter http://www.cradlehope.org/
United States of America EVOLVE Adoption&Family Services http://evolveservices.org/
United States of America Dillon International, Inc. http://www.dillonadopt.com/
United States of America Faith International Adoptions https://faithadopt.org/
United States of America All Blessings International http://www.kentuckyadoptionservices.org/
United States of America Family & Community Services, Inc. dba Family Adoption Consultants http://www.fcsohio.org/
United States of America Family Resource Center http://adoptioncenterofillinois.org/home
United States of America Great Wall China Adoption http://www.gwca.org/
United States of America Hand in Hand International Adoptions http://www.hihiadopt.org/
United States of America Hawaii International Child Placement and Family Services, Inc. http://www.adoptionhawaii.org/
United States of America Heartsent Adoptions http://www.heartsent.org/
United States of America Holt International Children's Services, Inc. http://www.holtintl.org/
United States of America Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services http://haps.org/
United States of America Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services http://www.journeysadoption.com/
United States of America La Vida International http://www.lavida.org/
United States of America Lifeline Children's Services http://lifelinechild.org/
United States of America Lifelink International Adoption http://www.lifelinkadoption.org/
United States of America Living Hope Adoption Agency http://www.livinghopeadoption.org/
United States of America Madison Adoption Associates http://www.madisonadoption.com/
United States of America New Beginnings Family and Children's Services http://www.new-beginnings.org/
United States of America Nightlight Christian Adoptions https://www.nightlight.org/
United States of America Small World, Inc. http://smallworldadoption.com/
United States of America The Barker Foundation http://www.barkeradoptionfoundation.org/
United States of America Across the World Adoptions http://www.atwakids.org
United States of America The GladneyCenter for Adoption http://www.adoptionsbygladney.com/
United States of America Villa Hope International Adoptions http://www.villahope.org/
United States of America WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) http://www.wacap.org/
United States of America Wasatch International Adoptions http://www.wiaa.org/
United States of America West Sands Adoptions http://westsandsadoption.org/
United States of America Wide Horizons for Children https://www.whfc.org/
United States of America International Adoption Net http://www.internationaladoptionnet.org/
United States of America New Beginnings International Children's and Family Services, Inc https://newbeginningsadoptions.org/
United States of America Adoption Avenues http://www.adoptionavenues.org
Canada Family and Children's Services
 Department of Community Services
Canada Minister of Family and Community Services http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en.html
Canada Department of Family Services http://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/cfsmanual/0.0.0.html
Canada Department of Health and Social Services http://www.gov.nu.ca/health
Canada Dept. of Health & Social Services http://www.gov.nt.ca/agendas/health/
Child, Youth and Family ServicesDepartment of Health&Community Services
Canada Department of Social Services and Seniors http://www.gov.pe.ca/sss/index.php3?number=18536&lang=E
Canada Child and Family Services
Ministry of Social Services
Canada Child Placement Services
Department of Family & Children’s Services
Canada Ministry for Children and Family Development http://www.mcf.gov.bc.ca/adoption/intercountry_adoption.htm
Canada Ministry of Children and Youth Services http://www.children.gov.on.ca/htdocs/English/index.aspx
Canada Ministry of Children's Services http://www.programs.alberta.ca/Living/5252.aspx?N=770+363
Canada Health and Social Services of Quebec http://msss.gouv.qc.ca/en/index.php
Canada La Société D'Adoption Enfants du Monde,INC.(Children of the World Adoption Society,INC.) http://www.enfantsdumonde.org/default.php
Canada Societe D'Adoption Parents Sans Frontières http://www.parentssansfrontieres.com/
Canada Société-Formons une Famille,INC. http://www.formonsunefamille.com/index.php?id=21
Canada The Children's Bridge www.childrensbridge.com
Canada Family Outreach International www.familyoutreach.com
Canada Open Arms to International Adoption www.open-arms.com
United Kingdom Children's Health and Social Care Directorate www.wales.gov.uk
United Kingdom Department of Health,Social Services and Public Safety www.dhsspsni.gov.uk
United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Care
 Children and Families
United Kingdom Intercountry Adoption Casework Team“ICA”team
Department for Education (DfE)
United Kingdom The Scottish Government Children&Young People's Group www.scotland.gov.uk
United Kingdom Intercountry Adoption Centre http://www.icacentre.org.uk/
Spain Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad
Dirección General de Servicios para la Familia y la Infancia
Spain Asociación Nacional en Defensa del Niño(ANDENI) http://www.andeni.org
Spain Asociación para el Cuidado de la Infancia(ACI) http://www.cvida.com/
Spain Asociación Instituto Akuna Internacional http://www.akunainternacional.org/
Spain Asociación de Ayuda a la Infancia del Mundo-AAIM http://www.aaimadopcion.org/
Spain Interadop Alternativa Familiar http://Interadop.adopcion.org
Spain PIAO-Asociacion de Ayuda a La Infancia China https://piao.org/
Belgium Amarna A.S.B.L http://www.amarna.org/
Belgium Enfants de L'Espoir http://www.enfantsdelespoir.eu/
Belgium Ray of Hope http://www.rayofhope.be/
Netherlands Foundation Child and Future(Stichting King en Toekomst) http://www.kindentoekomst.nl/
Netherlands Meiling Foundation(Meiling Stichting voor Adoptie en Project Hulp) http://meiling.nl/index.php?lang=en
Netherlands Wereldkinderen http://www.wereldkinderen.nl/
Sweden Family Law and Parental Support Authority (MFoF) www.mfof.se
Sweden Adoption Centre http://www.adoptionscentrum.se/
Sweden Barnens Vanner Internationell Adoptionsforening http://www.bvadopt.se/
Norway Adopsjons Forum http://www.adopsjonsforum.no/
Norway Inoradopt http://poundpuplegacy.org/
Norway Verdens Barn http://www.verdensbarn.no/
Finland Interpedia Rf http://www.interpedia.fi/
Finland The Finnish Child Welfare Association(Pelastakaa Lapset-Radda Barnen)SAVE THE CHILDREN FINLAND http://www.pelastakaalapset.fi/en/
Denmark Danish International Adoption http://www.danadopt.dk/
France COFA MARSEILLE (ex-Oeuvre de l'Adoption - Comité de Marseille) http://www.coeuradoption.org/wiki/doku.php?id=oaa:oda_comit%C3%A9_de_marseille
France Edelweiss-Accueil http://www.edelweiss-accueil.org/
France Enfants du Monde-France http://www.edmf.org/
France L’Organisme Autorise Pour L’Adoption de Medecins du Monde www.medecinsdumonde.org
France La Famille Adoptive Francaise www.lafamilleadoptivefrancaise.fr
France L'Agence Francaise de L'Adoption http://www.agence-adoption.fr/
France Rayon de Soleil de L'Enfant Etra Nger www.rayondesoleil.net
Iceland Iceland Adoption Society http://www.isadopt.is/
Singapore FEI YUE Community Services www.fycs.org
Singapore Touch Community Services Limited http://www.touch.org.sg/tcsi
Italy Aibi.Associazione Amici dei Bambini www.aibi.it
Italy Centro Internazionale per L'Infanzia e la Famiglia(CIFA ONLUS) www.cifaong.it
Italy Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia(CIAI) www.ciai.it
Italy N.A.A.A. Network Aiuto Ass istenza Accoglienza - ONLUS www.naaa.it
Italy IBambini dell'Arcobaleno-Bambarco ONLUS www.bambarco.it
Ireland Adoption Authority of Ireland http://aai.gov.ie/
Ireland Helping Hands Adoption Mediation Agency http://www.helpinghands.ie/
New Zealand Child,Youth and Family,Ministry of Social Development http://www.cyf.govt.nz/
Australia Department of Social Services https://www.dss.gov.au/
Australia Adoption and Permanent Care Services
 Department of Family and Community Services
Australia Adoption and Specialist Support Services
 Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
Australia Adoptions and Permanent Care Unit Office for Children,Youth and Family Support Disability,Housing and Community Services www.dhcs.act.gov.au
Australia Adoption and Family Information Service Department for Education and Child Development www.adoptions.sa.gov.au
Australia NT Adoption Unit Office of Children, Youth & Families
Department of Education and Children's Services
Australia Adoption and Permanency Services Department of Health and Human Services www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/children/adoption
Australia Family Records & Intercountry Services Department of Human Services http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/for-individuals/children,-families-and-young-people/adoption-and-permanent-care/intercountry-adoption
Australia Fostering and Adoption Services
Department for Child Protection and Family Support

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