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Roots-seeking Tour(BLAS)

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Business Function: Entrusted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), Bridge of Love for Adoption Service (BLAS) is responsible for the organization, coordination and implementation of foreign adoptive family root-seeking tours.

1. To assist foreign adoptive families to complete enrollment procedure for root-seeking tours. According to the Notice of Doing Well Reception of Foreign Adopters and Adopted Children in Root-seeking Tour in China given by the General Office at the MCA, BLAS accepts foreign adoptive families’ applications about visiting welfare institutions, fills in the Application Form of Adoptive Families’ Root-seeking Tour in China, and sends them to the Civil Affairs Department of the province concerned for examination and approval.

2. To design root-seeking tour for foreign adoptive families. According to the demand and desire of adoptive families and the real situation of welfare institutions, BLAS carefully makes annual root-seeking plans and formulates root-seeking routes.

3. To arrange distinctive activities with good root-seeking effects for foreign adoptive families. In Beijing, BLAS arranges adoptive families’ visit to the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), presents the processing procedures of inter-country adoption, and gives classes of Chinese traditional culture. In the province of adoption, BLAS organizes visit of adoptive families to the welfare institutions where the adopted children used to live, and helps them recollect past memories and feel the carefulness and kindness of staff in the institutions.

4. To assign kind-hearted, experienced facilitators with social worker qualification for adoptive families. During the period when the adoptive families are travelling in China for root-seeking, the facilitator of BLAS will provide passionate, thoughtful, safe and efficient service, and do the best to make the root-seeking tour an unforgettable experience and a heart travel full of love.

With the guidance of the MCA, support of CCCWA and active efforts of BLAS, reception service for root-seeking tour is made to be a special brand. Through root-seeking tour, the adopted children deepen their understanding and comprehension of China, and have a healthy growth. At the same time, adopted children from different countries get to know each other deeply and make friends during the tour. Up to now, BLAS has carefully designed and successfully arranged root-seeking tours for hundreds of foreign adoptive families, involving 17 cities and provinces as well as over 150 welfare institutions in the whole country.

How to apply for a visit to a welfare institution

The adoptive family should make the root-seeking tour application to BLAS three months in advance and submit a copy of the Adoption Registration Decree, visitors’ passport and Application Form of Root-seeking Tour. BLAS will send the application to the Civil Affairs Department of the province concerned in accordance with adoptive family’s request. At the same time, to ensure good effect of root-seeking tour, BLAS will carefully arrange tours to welfare institutions.

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