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Director-General Li Bo Talked with the Giving-back Service Group of American Teenage Adoptees

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In the afternoon of March 28th, the Center received Teenage Adoptees Giving Back Service Group, which was sponsored by China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), hosted by Bright of Love for Adoption Service (BLAS), and co-organized by American CCAI. This group consisted of 14 thirteen-to-sixteen-year-olds who were adopted from China by American families when they were young. Visiting China, the group aimed to fill in their perception vacancy about their childhood and strengthen their identity through attending cultural activities in their birth country and doing volunteer work in welfare institutions. Mr Li Bo, Director-General of CCCWA, welcomed them and talked with them for an hour to answer their questions.

In the meeting, children asked Director-General Li questions involving many topics, such as picking up abandoned babies by welfare institutions, qualification examination of domestic and foreign adopters, matching adoptees with adoptive families and their trip of giving back in China. Director-General Li replied to them frankly from perspectives such as laws, procedures and methods.

Before the meeting, the children visited with great interest the working area of CCCWA to achieve further understanding of international adoption procedures of China.

From March 30th to April 4th, they will go to Nanchang Social Welfare Institution in Jiangxi Province to do volunteer work and provide support and services for orphans and disabled children, complete their giving back plan and fulfil their wishes to bring love and happiness to children in similar situations as they were in.

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