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Roots-Seeking niudai

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Bridge of Love Adoption Service’s Reception of the Summer Roots-Seeking Group Convened by China Ties


From June to July of 2014, the BLAS has made two receptions for the summer Roots-Seeking group convened by the China Ties. The group was consisted of 23 adoptive families from all over the United States, including 27 Chinese adopted children.

As scheduled, the group was set apart and made their visits separately to the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption on Jun 23 and Jul 7. Director of the Center, Mr. Li Bo and the Deputy Secretary, Mrs. Guo Meng met with them respectively. In presence of the guests from afar, they expressed thanks to the families for adopting Chinese children and bringing them back to their birth land. They presented gifts to all the Chinese adopted children came along and extended sincere wishes for the families’ well being and happiness and the children’s healthy thriving and development, hoping they could become angles of the Sino-American friendship.

Joined hands in 2007, it is already the eighth year of cooperation between BLAS and the China Ties, which is known as an organization dedicated to providing the roots-seeking services for the adopted children in the U.S.. Over the years, with the help and proffers of BLAS, it has been working as a positive match maker for the adoptive families who aspired to travel to China and helped one hundred or so of them to fulfill their roots-seeking desires. Throughout the journey, having an elaborately designed route by BLAS, families were exposed to not only the traditional Chinese culture but splendid sceneries around the country; not only revisited their children’s orphanages but had a taste of the gourmet flavors of various local Chinese foods. To help enhancing understanding the Chinese foreign adoption process, the families and children were arranged to visit the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption, where they could get access to their own adoption archives at the first hand, thereby the children could learn how their fate was changed in person. Besides, they were also taken to view the China’s national treasure, giant pandas as well as the Terracotta Warriors, which is known as one of the eight world wonders. By learning to cook Chinese food, dressing in cheongsam, watching acrobatics shows and making kites, the adopted children were expected to acquire a general experience of the Chinese cultural heritage and a deepened sense of national identity.


Director Li Bo met with the Roots-Seeking group from China Ties at the meeting room on the 11th floor of the Center.

Paula, the social worker with China Ties, gave a thanksgiving card to Mr.Li Bo as gifts in the name of her organization and the adoptive families.

Mrs. Guo Meng, Deputy Secretary, was demonstrating the gifts to children at meeting---a toy panda.  

The adoptive family was carefully reading the adoption files.

The children were learning calligraphy and paper cutting on cultural classes.





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