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Introduction of CCCWA

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China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA), founded in 1996, is the only public charity organization authorized by the Chinese government to be specifically responsible for inter-country adoption. In the last eighteen years, CCAA adheres to the principle of "Everything for the children" and has established cooperative relations successively with 96 government departments and adoption organizations in 17 countries. It seeks every means to expand adoption channels and has helped more than one hundred thousand orphans and disabled children obtain permanent placement in foreign countries. At the same time, CCAA actively carries out root-search programmes to help the adopted children find their cultural identity and enhance their understanding of mother country’s culture heritage. Throughout the years, CCAA has won high praise from the international community.

Since 2004, commissioned by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CCAA has undertaken the "Tomorrow Plan of Surgeries and Rehabilitation for Orphans with Disabilities", domestic adoption, child rearing and other child welfare work. It makes great efforts to promote the development of children's welfare by taking a series of initiatives to establish a long-term mechanism of "Tomorrow Plan", build up cerebral palsy rehabilitation model bases, regulate the domestic adoption system, make studies and revise the Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children Adopted by Chinese Citizens, advocate the establishment of domestic adoption evaluation system, organize professional trainings for staff of welfare institutions, carry out Higher Education Aiding Project for Orphans and Disabled Children and develop the National Management System of Child Welfare Information.

To meet with the developmental needs of child welfare in the new era, CCAA was renamed as China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) with the approval of the Commission Office in January 2011 and added up functions related to child welfare. This is regarded as an important milestone in the history of child welfare development in China.

At present, CCCWA consists of general office, research room, adopter’s eligibility review division, inter-country child placement division, archives management division, child care division, medical rehabilitation division, domestic adoption division, division for international cooperation, information and technology division, finance division, and the logistics division, 12 in total, respectively in charge of foreign adoptions and tasks related to child welfare.

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