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Successful Hosting of Guizhou “Journey of Hope” Program

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During the 14th to the 18th of July, 2015, the Guizhou “Journey of Hope” Program was successfully held by China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), co-organized by the Civil Affairs Department of Guizhou, Guizhou Children’s Welfare and Adoption Centre, Child Welfare Institution of Guiyang and Child Welfare Institution of Southeast Qian.
The events were hosted in Guiyang and Kaili. Well organized by Guizhou Children’s Welfare and Adoption Centre, altogether 120 children from 20 welfare institutions participated in the program. Video clips were prepared for children who were not able to attend. In order to help these special needs children to be placed into suitable families as soon as possible, CCCWA has invited China Program directors and foreign social workers from Holt International Children’s Services, Lifeline Service Agencies and WACAP to examine and assess the children’s conditions from all aspects through questions and answers, simple task performance, etc.
During the event, the adoption agencies also collected detailed information of children by written records, photos, video clips, etc., aiming to update the information of the children and help them take a full preparation of finding appropriate adoption families as soon as possible.
This is the first session of “Journey of Hope” program hosted by Guizhou province and has thus received high attention from the Civil Affairs Department of Guizhou. Under the leadership of Ms. Moli, director of Guizhou Children’s Welfare and Adoption Centre, preparation work began two months in advance and a detailed plan for the organization of this event,was developed so that more special needs children in Guizhou province could find adoptive families as soon as possible. 47 children were chosen as the candidate for adoption after the event.
During the event, the group from CCCWA also exchanged experience on evaluation criteria of domestic adoption with related officials in Guizhou province and listened carefully to the reports of the pilot programs prepared by Guiyang Civil Affairs Bureau, Guiyang Child Welfare Guidance Centre, Zunyi Civil Affairs Bureau, Zunyi Child Welfare Guidance Centre. CCCWA officials also checked archives of domestic adoptive families and gave advice on further improvement of the evaluation process and how to scientifically establish standard of domestic adoption evaluation.
Ms. Chu Xiaoying, Deputy Director-General of CCCWA, and Yang Chunxing, Deputy Director-Geneal of Guizhou Civil Affairs Department, attended the events and gave important directions.

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