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Delegation led by Director-General Li Bo Visited Italy and Spain

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At the invitations of the Committee for International Adoptions (CIA) of Italy and Asociacion Para el Cuidado de la Infancia (ACI) of Spain, a delegation of China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) led by Director-General Li Bo paid a visit to Italy and Spain from July 7 to 14, 2015.

During the visit in Italy, the delegation had two meetings with CIA concerning the changes emerged in the cooperation of international adoptions between the two countries, and specific issues in relation to the signing of an international adoption cooperation agreement. After thorough discussion and revising of the draft proposed by CIA based on previous communications, both parties came to an agreement on the finalized edition of the Cooperation Agreement on International Adoption Issues between CCCWA and CIA, which was then signed by Mr. Li and President Silvia Della Monica of CIA. This agreement is believed to provide an important and solid ground for the cooperation in inter-country adoption and children’s welfare between the two countries.

During the visit in Spain, the delegation had meetings with the country’s Department of Health, Social Services and Equalities and the Bureau of Juvenile Protection. The delegation introduced issues concerning inter-country adoption, answered questions cornering the adoptive family’s waiting time and the health and age conditions of the adopted children. Through the discussion, the delegation had a deeper understanding of the situation in Spain after the adjustment made by CCCWA in review process, child placement and post-adoption reporting. The delegation was also informed with the upcoming statues and regulations relating to inter-country adoptions and provided suggestions and expectations to the future cooperation between the two parties. The delegation also had meetings with staff from ACI, INTERADOP, ANDENI and AKUNA and visited PIAO’s office. The delegation members took part in the adoptive family gathering as well and were impressed by the wellbeing of the adoptive children in their Spanish families.

This visit was tight-scheduled, well-structured and substantial in content. Both parties had a deep and efficient communication. The delegation also communicated with both the adoptive families and the adopted Chinese children. In general, this trip had a remarkable achievement and satisfied its intended goals.

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