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Successful Hosting of Henan "Journey of Hope" Program

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  The "Journey of Hope" Program in Henan Province was held successfully during May 25-27, 2015. The event was hosted by CCCWA, coordinated by Henan provincial civil affairs department and organized by social welfare institutes in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Nanyang, Luoyang and Xinxiang. In order to benefit more severely-disabled and older children in Henan province, the CCCWA assigned two teams executing the program simultaneously through two different routes of Zhengzhou—Kaifeng and Nanyang—Luoyang—Xinxiang. The two teams were led separately by Ms. Guo Meng, Deputy Party Secretary of CCCWA and Ms. Wang Xiaofeng, Director of International Cooperation Department.Altogether 271 children from 22 social welfare institutes and professionals from 5 adoptive agencies participated in this event.

  In order to promote the placement of Special Focus children in Henan province, CCCWA invited 5 U.S. adoptive agencies as CCAI, WACAP, HOLT, LIFE LINE and CHI to join in the event. During the event, the American pediatricians and social workers evaluated each child on its healthy status, communication skills and personal characteristics. Through the methods of one-on-one conversation, interaction, observation and video record, the professionals get comprehensive information of each child to make full preparation for the placement of these Special Focus Children.

  This activity have received high attention from the Henan provincial civil affairs department, local civil affairs bureaus and social welfare institutes. Altogether 125 children were evaluated to be eligible for placement through this event.

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