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Successful Hosting of the First “Journey of Hope” Program in Anhui Province

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The first session of “Journey of Hope” Program in 2015 was officially opened in Anhui Province successfully.

Hosted by CCCWA, coordinated by Anhui provincial Civil Affairs Department and organized by Anhui Foreign Related Marriage and Adoption Service Center, the event was conducted in Hefei, Fuyang and Chuzhou from April 13 to 17. 106 children from 14 social welfare institutes, China program managers and social workers from three US adoptive agencies: Life Line, All Blessings International and Wasatch International Adoptions Agency participated in this event. The Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department paid high attention on the event. Mr. Zhou Su, the inspector from the department received all the staff who joined in the activity in Hefei city.

"Journey of Hope" is a program to promote the placement of severely-disabled and older children in welfare institutions. By means of the interaction face to face with the children, their talents and confidence was discovered by the professionals of adoption agencies. In order to find homes for the children as soon as possible, the professionals evaluated those children one by one and collected their updated information in details. In addition, they marked the children who are close to 14 years old as their primary focus. After a week of tight-scheduled work, the event achieved a complete success. Under the joint efforts from all aspects, altogether 63 children confirmed as candidates for adoption by the adoptive agencies.

Ms. Chu Xiaoying, Deputy Director-General of CCCWA was present through the whole event.

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