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Symposium on the “One-to-One Assistance Program” Held in Beijing

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  On April 8, 2015, CCCWA invited some adoptive agency facilitators in China to attend a symposium on the “One-to-One Assistance Program”. Relevant officials from CCCWA and facilitators from 30 adoptive agencies attended the symposium.

  During the symposium, staff from Holt International Children’s Service and Madison Adoption Associates introduced their practice and experiences on the program. Facilitators from agencies such as Children’s House International, Children’s Hope International, Carolina and Family Outreach International etc. also gave a presentation at the meeting.

  The director of the Matching Department gave detailed explanation and interpretation on the “Guidelines on the One-to-One Assistance Program for Foreign Adoptive Agencies and Welfare Institutions”, answered questions from adoptive agencies, summarized the achievement as well as problems from the implementation of the “One to One Program” and specified focus in the future work. The director also gave assignment to the work of pilot program of the “Two-Category Children” (children whose biological parents cannot provide for them and orphans living in communities) and adoption of children who are fostered in private-run welfare institutions.

  The attending agencies exchanged their experiences, identified deficiencies in their implementation, which has established the foundation for the further development of the “One to One Program”.

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